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WA Blasting - 10k Credits

RM 1,090.00 RM 1,480.00

Blasting 10,000 Credits (1 credit = 1 number)

* Credits purchase are used for WhatsApp Blasting

* Buy credits via debit or credit card 

* Blasting service provided by us.

  T&C apply.

* Credits sold are non-refundable

* One (1) Credit = 1 image + text message (up to 1200 characters)   or  only Text messages (maximum 1200 characters)

After payment done, email the following :-

1) One image (jpeg file) plus text message (up to 1200 characters)  or only Text messages (max 1200 characters)

2) Filtering details - location, race, gender, age

3) Blasting Date - 5 days advance notification require

4) Proof of payment receipt 

Email to

  Get a 5% Rebate in RM on amount purchase and redeem on your next order***

** Kindly take note that each time sending must be 1000 numbers/credits and above. 
For numbers/credits below 1000, it will be rejected or pending as too many transactions will hinder the delivery and cause heavy loads in the panel **